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Jan 3, 2013 11:35pm PST
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Jan 13, 2013 2:00pm PST
a man. far ruche kahn moved to chicago from india in the late 1980s and became an american success, eventually owning a string of dry clearance and real estate you settle into this house on the city's far northside with his wife and teenaged daughter. by all accounts, avenues hard-working, well-liked man, with just one weakness. he loved those scratch off lottery tickets. >> he was heavy on that there was a time woe buy a whole book. talking about the 30 tickets in a book, that's $600. >> reporter: he would win, sometimes hundreds, even thousands. last june, he bought two tickets and scratched off a fortune. >> the second one was the lucky one. >> what did he win? >> $1 million. had the whole million. >> reporter: he was all smiles in this illinois lottery picture. friends say he was excited about the good he could do with all that money. but a month later, instead of living on easy street, kahn was dead, in the rose hills cemetery. on the evening of july 20th, kahn's wife said she made dinner at at home and went to bed an hour later. she was awaken wood his screams of agony. kahn
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Jan 10, 2013 2:00am PST
in his lottery check. as a result kahn's brother froze the check. he was concerned his 17-year-old niece would not get her fair share of the money. kahn's wife cause the last person who was with him before he died from cyanide poisoning. >> the wife and him live alone. they have a two-story house. she was up stairs with him she was not there. >> jasmine was not there? >> jasmine was not there. she was sleeping. >> police have questioned the wife but they have not named her as a suspect. we will have more on the story later in the hour. >> construction crews sent scrambling for their lives as this 383 foot crane collapsed injured 7 workers there. this happened in queens, new york. the crane buckled while it was hoisting a load of lum der. >> one by one i heard a pop another pop and another pop. then i heard the squeaking of the crane it started to drop. >> i heard a crack, a loud, loud crack i look up and it just came down in slow-motion. >> it came down. the crane is owned by new york cranes. the owner james lomo was acquitted of homicide charges after another of his cranes collapsed in
Jan 9, 2013 6:00am PST
-changing moment. former sporting hero turned politics enran kahn is wins legions of fans with his fierce stance against u.s. military policy and with parliamentary elections due by may, there is everything to play for. nhk world reports. >> reporter: imuran khan is rising. the 60-year-old is the most closely watched politician in pakistan. he draws ever bigger crowds in recent years. across the country, tens of thousands turn out to hear him speak. kahn first became famous on the field of pakistan's most popular sport, cricket. >> gets into the gap as well. >> reporter: as captain of the national team in 1992, he enthralled the nation when pakistan won its first ever cricket world cup. khan later moved into politics, establishing his own political party, the pakistan movement for justice. his green card image won new supporters, especially among younger age groups. [ chanting ] >> reporter: power in pakistan has swung back and forth between the two big parties, but rampant corruption and numerous military coups have left the nation's politics in turmoil. voters are increasingly frustrated with
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Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm PST
kerry today an he testified in 1971 when he famously compared his army brethren to kahn. and joining us the mighty charles krauthammer. how are you. >> fine, how are you? i like that introduction. >> sean: by the way, gengus his words not mine. >> and 40 years to pick up on the pronunciation. >> sean: he did and hope he understands it now. what did you think of hillary yesterday? >> i had the same reaction you did. and her accolites think it was aggressive and she fought back, but the reaction was appalling. i had the same reaction you had. what difference does it make? it is the difference between truth and untruth and candor and deception and admitting candidly to the american people that there was a jihadist threat stalking north africa of which benghazi was just the first shot, to be followed by as we've now seen, mali and algeria and what the administration did instead, which was to spin this fairy tale about it being the result of the video and continuing its refusal to acknowledge that the global war on terror, a term which obama had abolished of course is real and can't be whisk
Jan 27, 2013 5:30pm PST
's three major movie celebrations, along with those in kahn, france and venice, italy. >>> japanese prime minister shinzo abe has made quite a few headlines in the short time he's been in office. ai joins us now from the business desk. ai, good morning. what have you been hearing? >> good morning, catherine. he's pushed for more government between the central bank and bank of japan. senior members of japan's government and ruling parties have approved a budget outline for the fiscal year beginning in april. the draft calls for government spending in excess of $1 trillion, an all-time high. prime minister shinzo abe took part in sunday's meeting to discuss the draft. yamaguchi was also there. he heads the new party, the government's junior coalition partner. >> translator: we must quickly complete and implement the draft budget for fiscal 2013 and the supplementry budget for the current physicifiscal year to d policies that benefit the people. >> the government would spend more than $770 billion to implement its policies, including grants to local governments. it would also allocate nearly
Jan 1, 2013 11:35pm PST
doctor. >>> history tells us that gangis kahn cured his hangovers with pickled sheep eyeballs and tomato juice. but if you're looking for a less disgusting cure, you might want to hear from this doctor. again, abc's lindsay davis. >> reporter: waking up the a nasty bout of nausea, battling a blinding head ache, hopefully nothing like what the guys in "the hangover" experienced. >> what the [ bleep ] happened last night. >> hey phil, am i missing a tooth? >> reporter: while no one argues excessive drinking can be harmful, some think the only sure cure for a hangover is time. and then there's dr. leonard grossman. >> once you have the hangover, you're done. there's at least four hours of your life that's just lost. >> reporter: he says he's created a way to prevent hangovers without vinegar, pickles, or raw eggs. it's called bytox and he says it does for the hangovers what dramamine patches do for motion sickness. he says this is like being attached to an iv, continuously infusing vitamins into the bloodstream. >> alcohol in itself is a diuretic. the kidneys go into overdrive and you're ba
Jan 1, 2013 1:00pm PST
? -- to speak about this? >> yes, david con. >> good afternoon. >>> i've dadev kahn, [speaker not understood], on behalf of the san francisco downtown parking corporation board. * david i'm working with the board, san francisco downtown parking board to finalize use agreement for the 5th and mission garage. i've been speaking the last several days with the city attorney's office and actually this afternoon with mr. roberts and mr. katari. we have a few remaining issues with respect to the lease termination. it is the expectation those remaining issues will be resolved and the language finalized no later than friday at 12 o'clock. i've discussed that with mr. katari. the staff recommendation as the board understands it is to approve the lease termination subject to the ability to ratify the language provided that it remains substantially similar to the agreement before the board and we agree with that recommendation. >> sir, thank you. anybody else care to address the board? if not, we need to do the amendment first as described. there is a motion to approve the amendment. is there a second
Jan 15, 2013 10:00am PST
and county of san francisco. today we have cindy kahn to walk through the results of the audit. each of you should have a copy of the powerpoint presentation in front of you. >> thank you. >> good morning. thank you for inviting me to discuss the results of the authority's 2012 financial and federal compliance audits. i will go through the audit responsibilities in the scope of the work and discuss key elements of the two deliverable reports. the first report of the financial statement and the single audit report. this report is going to be disseminated and uploaded to the federal data clearinghouse upon approval and acceptance of the report. in the second report is a letter to the finance committee. the purpose of the financial statement audit is to obtain reasonable assurance that the amounts and related disclosures are fairly stated. the applicable framework we are following clearly accepted accounting principles or gap; generally accepted auditing principles in government audit standards promulgated by the us government accountability office. as discussed on page 26 of
Jan 27, 2013 6:30pm EST
en beverly hill un club problema kahned la muerte de 165 personas. >>> cambiamos de asunto y tono, el gobernador illinois firmÓ una ley que dalÍ zeno cia de conducir temporal a indocumentados, esto establece permito para quienes no pueden ak ze dwer a un nÚmero de seguro social, o. la medida entra en vigor a principio de noviembre prÓximo. >>> y precisamente se sabe que este martes el presidente obama harÁ importante anuncio que podÍa ser un paso para cambiar la vida de millones de indocumentados que viven en la sombra tenemos detalles de los lineamiento que hoy existen y que podrÍan dar luz a la esperada reforma migratoria. >>> en 20250 hispanos se tlik tli mri carÁ sustituyo grupo dio sus votos a obama, republicanos reconocen que es un tema que no pueden Ícono raro 6789 voy a hablar claramente, mirar las Últimas elecciones perdiendo el voto hispano. ya estÁn mas claras las esperanzas de que finalmente habrÁ un consenso. >>> me siento cautelosamente op fui mista. >>> cosas que antes no estaban en la mesa ahora lo estÁn. >>> despuÉs de las elecciones hay un cambio tremen
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
of those for toxicology analysis. >> reporter: kahn died in july after he was about to complete $425,000 in lottery winnings. his cause of death was hardening of the arteries which could be a heart attack or stroke. then a relative demanded a closer look. further tests revealed he was poisoned by cyanide. it may be difficult to tell how the poison was ingested. >> cyanide can essentially evaporate and leave the tissues. so it is possible that cyanide that was in the tissues is no longer in the tissues after several months. we'll just have to see how the results play out. >> reporter: it will take a few weeks to get the results of the tests. >>> today the transportation security administration confirmed it will get rid of those body scanners that give screeners a naked image of your body. congressman dated the agency stop using those x-ray machines by june. tsa will continue to use another type of scanner that only shows a generic image. >>> still ahead people start getting their hands on the hottest tickets in town courtesy >>> wusa9 is your inauguration connection this long weekend
FOX News
Jan 1, 2013 10:00am PST
! >> so miller is dead and then james kahn, scott, the other guy solves the crime. did you go to heaven or helling on that program, by the way? >> billy, i wasn't watchin the whole program i was trying to keep current. >> bill: you didn't see the whole thing? >> i saw myself, i got blown up. why are you going to watch the rest of it. >> bill: don't you want to know if it's justice done by the bad guy. >> i'm hanging on that. >> something really enticing. >> and jimmy kahn in the parking lot. are you on this show? he said this is for my kid, not for my career. (laughter) >> hey, what are you going to do? >> coming up, the sage of southern california sounds off the bacon sundae. >> somebody finally gets it, nothing to top off a sweltering mid august hot day. >> bill: and rapper snoop dogg, miller is next. >> in miller time. taking on topics, beginning with san francisco. by the way, have you ever had a street named after new santa barbara, your adopted town or pittsburgh where you grew up? anybody name a street after you? >> i was a bit of a dead end, so maybe a cul-de-sac for a while.
Jan 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
questioned yarush kahn's widow for four hours in november h he died as he was about to collect a $425,000 cash option after winning a scratchoff jackpot in june. kahn's death was only ruled a homicide from apparent cyanide poisoning just this week. his widow denies having any role in his death and she says she can't believe her husband had any enemies. >>> the third and final day of testimony in the preliminary hearing for the aurora movie theater massacre trial. prosecutors introduced more evidence today, including photos of suspect james holmes. lee ann gregg is live in centennial with more on the surprising decision defense lawyers announced today. lee app? >> reporter: pat, the decision about the trial could come any time in the next few days. the hearing ended with no defense evidence. after three days of dramatic information from the prosecution. > a last-minute surprise, james holmes' defense team refrained from calling witnesses that could speak to the defendant's mental state it comes after end of three days of compelling prosecution evidence. cell phone pictures holmes took
FOX News
Jan 25, 2013 12:00am EST
limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed facilities in the fashion of gingus kahn poisoned food stocks and generally ravaged the kund side kund-- country side of vietnam. >> and there's no reason, bob, that young american soldiers need to be going into the homes of iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women. do you find that problematic? because i do. not just 1971, but also 2005. >> well, i must say, and forgive me for looking at the lighter side of this, but i'm struck by the affected accent of the young john kerry, an across between the kennedys and william f buckley, i don't know how you pull that one off. clearly it's worn off since. look, he was a presidential candidate of a major party and he ran, you know, a reasonable campaign. he had the approveation of a large number of americans and even though it was appalling performance and a young man with great ambition and we know those were based on the so-called winter soldier testimony which has been greatly discredited so i think what the country has done is say, look, and john
Jan 13, 2013 6:00am EST
and support of the army, which ambassador kahn objects to india's role in it. can you comment on afghanistan's role in it? >> i would like to talk about nato's role, longer term. when the recruitment process started and the security situation was not as challenging as it is today, a lot of the people and listed from the provinces many from the south and north, and some of the leadership of the ministry of defense belong to the people of the north. in the beginning there was some imbalances and the composition and formation of the ministry of defense in the afghan security forces. there is a system in place and extensive efforts to recruit from the provinces of the south. some of these efforts are successful. as you can imagine if you put yourself as chairman in afghanistan, if you enlist as an afghan, you face different levels of [inaudible] the province is quiet. the taliban are not operating. there's less threat against you and your family. therefore despite the inferences being made, we still have challenges to recruit a member -- members of the security forces from those provinces. we pu
Jan 29, 2013 5:00am PST
le quiera algo parecido a una kahn tanto de música mexicana se parecerá a los que yo hice los bordads mexicanos y los cristales. hacen variantes para que no se pare igual. o toman base lo que hice con ella. >>> eso es mentira porque, no puedes crear una imagen que existió. antes que este muchacho. otro diseñador. son telas cuidadas. boro datoed hechos por indígenas, no son enviados hacer en una máquina. no pueden hacer un re bos comprado. los re boss que este diseñador usa, son comprados. adaptados y de repente con adorno y bordad causó más polémica al asegurar que representantes de beltrán lo llamaron, lo que generó nuevos insultos dlogs seguidores de la fallecida cantante. por las redes sociales. quiero aclarar en primer impacto. que si me gustaron los manejadores de graciela beltrán, graciela no me ha gustado, ella no, fueron los manejadores que es un buen momento para aclarar. me pidió que lo aclarara en público y lo estoy haciendo. asegura que la historia es otra que se acercó a gra bael beltrán yo dije, no. probablemente no seria problema. como en 2 ocasiones me l
Jan 29, 2013 4:30pm PST
. just go to, look for the "blogs" tab and click on michael kahn. >> tom: the federal reserve's open market committee began the first day of a two-day meeting. we speak with r.b.c. 's capital's chief economist. >> susie: presidet obama made the case today for a sweeping immigration reform, calling it a "boost" for the economy. by giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, the president said there would be less opportunity for some employers to undercut companies that follow the rules. darren gersh reports. >> reporter: the president flew to las vegas today to make that case that immigration reform would help companies and workers who follow the law. with 11 million undocumented workers in the country, the president said some employers are tempted to pay less than minimum wage or cheat their workers out of overtime pay. >> if we are truly committed to strengthening our middle class and providing more ladders of opportunity those who a willing to work hard to make it into the middle class, we have to fix the system. we have to make sure that every business and every worke
Jan 6, 2013 5:00am PST
i'm doing it for other people because someone did it for me. patti labelle, chaka kahn, everyone, they've reached back and said we have to lift this girl up. >> how does that feel, people like patti labelle? she didn't just lift you up. she said you are her successor. for her to say that. >> i have these aha moments. you know, you have celebrity friends and they forget that i'm still, like -- i'm, like, a groupie. so they're talking to me about things and i go, oh, my god in my brain, i'm talking to patti labelle! so it's always mind blowing to know that i can have friends like that and ask for advice and help me out in my journey. and patti always says, always be ready. you'll never have to get ready. you know? so everything is always together. so she taught me a lot about that. >> so if you had to give any advice to the next generation of artists or the next generation of young girls who are trying to do something big, what would you tell them? >> i would tell them to really understand who they are. know yourself, be yourself in every, you know, situation. just, god, don't give
Jan 8, 2013 4:30pm PST
the "blogs" tab is where you will find michael kahn's technical analysis blog. game stop wasn't alone in warning about its quarterly financial report card. yum brands, the company behind k.f.c., now expects same-store les chi to ll more than anticipad. it blames a chinese government review of its chicken supplies. shares dropped 4.2%. two companies missing their earnings estimates and disappointing the market. schnitzer steel lost money thanks to weaker revenue. shares fell 7.9%. lighting company acuity brands saw its profit margins pinched by higher costs. shares dropped 5.1%. but agriculture supply company monsanto saw its first quarter earnings soar thanks to corn seed sales in south america and higher pris for herbicide. the optimism contues ashe company raised its full year guidance. that helped shares grow up 2.7%. volume was heavy with shares at a four and a half year high. all five most actively traded exchange traded products were down. the japanese e.t.f. led the losers, falling 1.3%. and that's tonight's "market focus." >> susie: an update tonight on the cost of hurricane
Jan 22, 2013 4:30pm PST
it under the "blogs" tab. just look for michael kahn. three of the five most actively traded exchange-traded products were up. the japan index fund saw the heaviest selling, down 1%. and that's tonight's "market focus." >> susie: a big win for the keystone x.l. pipeline and transcanada's plan to connect canada's rich oil sands to refineries in southern texas. nebraska's governor today gave the thumbs up for that pipeline's new route through his state. it's one of the last hurdles the pipeline needed to clear before receiving final approval by the federal government. late today, the u.s. state department said its review of the pipeline project has been delayed and won't be ready until after march. >> tom: updates tonight in three high profile investment fraud cases. first up, rajat gupta. he is the former goldman sachs board member convicted on insider trading charges. today, he asked a federal appeals court to reverse that conviction because he believes the judge made a series of incorrect rulings in his case. in the stanford financial ponzi scheme, allen stanford's top lieutenant was
Jan 13, 2013 3:00am PST
of a lottery winner in chicago will be exhumed as early at this week. kahn won a $1 million lottery prize back in june. his payout $445,000 but he never got to spend it because the day after he picked up that check he died. a tip from a relative forced the medical examiner to reopen the case and that's when they found a lethal dose of cyanide in his syst system. the case is ruled a homicide, but no arrests have been made. >>> this morning in florida police have a murder mystery on their hands after the bodies of a couple was found in a townhouse just north of miami. the couple did not die of suicide and did not die of natural causes. investigators on the scene left the couple's home in biohazard suits. neighbors in the community are mostly retirees could not believe the news. >> it's so horrible. i'm just stunned. i'm stunned. >> thank god i lock my doors every day. as soon as i go in the house, my light goes on. >> reporter: police have no suspects in this case. >>> today marks one year since the "costa concordia" disaster. people who are working on the wrecked ship will have a moment of sile
FOX News
Jan 9, 2013 3:00pm PST
and pillaging in a manner reminiscent of genghis kahn. >> bret: lindsey graham said he would put a hold on john brennan nomination until he gets answers on benghazi and the attack in libya. what about john brennan's nomination? >> he has criticism from the left and the right. >> he has been depicted as picking and choosing the target. he has criticism from the right. whether he participated in the leak. the underwear bomber sent out to castigate those who question whether or not the underwear bomber should have been read the miranda rights. he serve served in the bush administration. they will about support for enhanced interrogation, lindsey graham from the right and variety of characters from the left. at the end of the day he will be confirmed. a lot of serious questions asked. is he a steady solid operator or the publicity hot dog he has been for the last couple of years in the position as counterterrorism director. he has been the principal source for a good movie. >> bret: the questions about leaks may come up in the nomination hearing as well. >> this is the second toughest one but it wi
Jan 18, 2013 5:00pm EST
kahn passed away in july after he was set to collect $400,000. police took a look, revealing that he was poisoned by cyanide. >>> actor robert wagner is avoiding the latest inquiries into natalie wood's death. wood died in 1981 from drowning. the death was ruled accidental. but the inquiry was reopened after new details came to light. >>> we start off the news edge talking gun control. maryland governor martin o'malley unveiled his plan to tighten gun safety in the state. among the moves, plan to ban military style weapons which might be hard to pass. this comes days after president obama announced his plan. >> reporter: some of his initiatives mirror the president. some gun rights advocates complain that some of the measures go far beyond what the president isproposing. >> reporter: the
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 75 (some duplicates have been removed)